Who We Are

The Syrian Charities and Associations Network in the United Kingdom, SCAN UK, is an independent network of Syrian charities, associations and organised regional groups, established to help meet the needs of the Syrian community in the UK.

SCAN UK was founded in October 2015 by a group of Syrian organisations. Today, the network includes ten Syrian organisation members based in different parts of the UK. These organisations work in diverse sectors, including humanitarian, medical, and social sectors. However, they all share the same interest of offering assistance to the Syrian community in the UK.

SCAN UK aspires to serve as an umbrella under which all Syrian registered charities and associations in the UK can work together towards ensuring that members of the Syrian community within the UK lead safe, productive, and well-integrated lives.

Our Mission and Objectives

SCAN UK’s mission is to ensure the smooth resettlement of Syrians who have recently arrived to the UK and to assist those who are already in the UK to integrate within the British society.

In order to achieve its mission, SCAN UK seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To work as a mutual communication link between SCAN UK members and the UK’s Syrian Resettlement Programme and other external stakeholders, such as the UK government departments, the Refugee Council and local authorities.
  • To establish collaborative relationships with the UK government departments and local authorities to support SCAN UK members in conducting projects on regional and national levels.
  • To offer cultural help, guidance and consultation to the stakeholders for a smooth resettlement of Syrian refugees in the UK.
  • To support Syrian professionals in obtaining recognition for their qualifications as a first step before resuming their career and profession in the UK.

To provide a platform for SCAN UK members to:

  • share relevant information and generate ideas and projects to help the integration of the Syrian community within the British society.
  • share their recommendations and advocacy on the UK policies in Syria with the relevant governmental decision makers. This is specifically related to SCAN UK members who conduct projects in Syria.
  • To coordinate the activities of the members and ensure that the Syrian voice is heard at the highest levels in the British society and abroad.
  • To coordinate efforts to build sustainable projects in the UK to help the Syrian community and refugees to resettle and engage within the British community, as well as promoting special educational programmes dedicated for the newly- arrived Syrians in the UK.
  • To represent demands and future projects of the Syrian community in the UK to achieve the aims and objectives of SCAN UK.
  • To promote professional interaction and networking amongst the Syrian British community.

Our Members

Organisations within SCAN UK are based in different parts of the UK, especially where there is an existing Syrian community.

SCAN UK currently includes ten members

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